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How do our members achieve exceptional results?

This is a question we get very often, and apart from the effective and personalised guidelines we provide, we know that what makes our members be consistent and succeed is also our strong fitness community!

Everyone has days when training is the last thing we want. Be it the stresses of work, your relationship, or just plain couch potato syndrome… While this is perfectly normal, there are ways to shake off the fatigue and actually make it to train. A great way is to join a strong fitness community that wants the same results as you do. When you’re on your own, justifying today’s skipped workout is a piece of cake. However, it becomes more difficult to do this when you have an accountability partner(s) and coach.

Here we listed the main 5 benefits of joining a strong fitness community;

1. Endless Motivation and Encouragement

A single compliment from a friend, another member, relative, coach an be the difference between sulking in self-pity for your inability to see progress and doing what it takes to reach your fitness goals. Having a motivating support system can do wonders for self-improvement and lead to better habits.

2. Establishing Accountability

Holding yourself accountable throughout your fitness journey is probably one of the trickiest tasks known to humankind. Having people who can keep the habits in check and motivate everyone to stay on track goes a long way. This means fewer slip-ups and more motivation to push yourself far beyond what you originally thought you could achieve. Accountability partners and your coach coach make all the difference in seeing progress.

3. Finding Inspiration

Have you ever walked into the gym and bumped into someone you’ve seen frequently, only to notice how big or slim they’ve suddenly gotten?

Let others’ success stories inspire you to stay on track with your fitness goals. The power of seeing someone accomplish something you once considered unattainable for them will probably light a fire in you to be better. Perhaps your own fitness journey could inspire others to embark upon their own.

4. Energy and Mental Health

Finding the energy exercise every day is tough when you’re going at it alone. It’s easy to get dragged down by your work and other commitments. However, the benefits of finding the time to do so are countless in terms of your mental health, and you’ll have an even better time in a supporting, positive environment.

There’s no better feeling in the world than taking out your workplace frustrations and finding a second wind to finish that workout.

5. A Sense of Belonging

Arguably, the most burgeoning feeling one gets when working out with a like-minded fitness community is a sense of kinship. At the end of the day, you’ve all found time from your busy routines to meet up every day and strive towards similar goals.

Knowing you’re not alone on your fitness journey can improve your overall well-being and keep pushing you to stay consistent with your attendance.

Joining an infectious environment where everyone is motivated, sets better habits, and is willing to go beyond their limits, will benefit YOUR fitness journey. Join the Mariano Club community here.

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