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A further education institution licence by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority licence no: 2020-013, offering accredited programme pegged to the Malta Qualifications Framework and recognised in Europe through the European Qualifications Framework. 

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As a further education institution we are aware of the consequential role in the formation of students and also it’s impact in our society. We give high importance to safeguarding the overall well-being of both students and eventually their clients, through scientifically proven content, sensible advice, and optimum support. We strongly believe in developing our student's ability to fully comprehend one’s scope of fitness, provide moral and physical support, and the flexibility to cater to one’s particular necessities and requirements. This will provide holistic advice, explain principles using adequate terminology and provide sustainable guidelines. Fitness is fundamentally a major role in one’s life and can be described as an activity that helps us feel and look better, do our utmost and enables us to perform up to our full potential. By cultivating our philosophy in learners, instructing and inspire each participant, we aim to positively impact the quality of their life and to each individual they come in contact with.

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(Face-to-face lectures, workshopsplacements, and individual assignment - 5hrs contact, 5hr
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Understanding how communication with clients is influenced by factors related to sports psychology

(Face-to-face lectures, workshopsplacements, and individual assignment - 5hrs contact, 5hr

Gym equipment & training environment, training exercises, and workouts

(Face-to-face lectures, workshopsplacements, and individual assignment - 5hrs contact, 5hr
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(Face-to-face lectures, workshopsplacements, and individual assignment - 5hrs contact, 5hr

Introduction to different types of body assessment

Muscle groups in relation to physical training

(Face-to-face lectures, workshopsplacements, and individual assignment - 5hrs contact, 5hr
(Face-to-face lectures, workshopsplacements, and individual assignment - 5hrs contact, 5hr
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Introduction to nutrition in relation to fitness

(Face-to-face lectures, workshopsplacements, and individual assignment - 5hrs contact, 5hr

The Importance and specific roles of nutrition in respect to physical training

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MQF/EQF level 3 part-time further education course (6 ECTS)

  • Entry requirements; Basic computer knowledge, Maltese or English communication, secondary school leaving certificate/EQF Level 1

  • Mode of delivery: Face to face learning

  • Duration: 12 weeks

  • Mode of attaendance: Part time

  • Target audience: 18-50

  • Target group: Individuals interested in education within the field of the fitness industry. For those who aspire to work on their self-development or/and become dedicated fitness instructors with a good knowledge of various dimensions that relate to fitness; understanding the true meaning of fitness in order to instruct individuals/groups in exercise activities with the right ethics, philosophy, communication approach and fundamental knowledge of nutrition, body composition, and performance psychology.

  • Delivery language: Maltese and English

  • Structure of attendance: 1 session weekly

  • Mode of teaching, learning, and assessment: face-to-face lecture, workshop/placement, and individual assignment.

  • Grading system: Pass or fail

  • Pass rate: 55%

  • Programme fees: €400 registration and deposit, €1550 commencement payment. Total €1950 - 70% fees refund, see GET QUALIFIED section below


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Get Qualified is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by the industry.

The incentive is applicable to individuals following a course of studies leading to a certification, diploma, degree, or post-graduate degree courses.

This course is already included in the approved list.

Further information on the scheme, as well as information and guidance on the filling in of the application form may be obtained by contacting the GET QUALIFIED Office during office hours Tel: 153 or

email: or visit

Students are required to apply for the tax credit within two (2) years from the day on which the relevant qualification is obtained.

START DOING  /  Tel. +356 77040747

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