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MF Academy is a team of experienced, committed, and caring professionals with utter dedication to better the transmission, understanding, and practice of fitness in our society.

 We believe in the impact it has on our society. We give high importance to safeguarding the overall well-being of both students and eventually their clients, through scientifically proven content, sensible advice, and optimum support. We strongly believe in developing our student's ability to fully comprehend one’s scope of fitness, provide moral and physical support, and the flexibility to cater to one’s particular necessities and requirements. This will provide holistic advice, explain principles using adequate terminology and provide sustainable guidelines. Fitness is fundamentally a major role in one’s life and can be described as an activity that helps us feel and look better, do our utmost and enables us to perform up to our full potential.


MF Academy is a Further Education Institution (2020-013) providing Fitness Instructor courses recognised by the European Qualification Framework, as well as the Maltese Qualification Framework.


We aim to develop learners with knowledge and skills in fitness instruction to pursue a career and help individuals achieve a good state of fitness with a multidimensional approach;


Cultivating our philosophy in learners, instructing and inspire each participant to positively impact the quality of their life and to each individual they come in contact with.


EQF & MQF Level 3 part-time course - Opportunity to work both in Malta and all around Europe. 

Entry requirements; Basic computer knowledge, Maltese or English communication, secondary school leaving certificate/EQF Level 1.

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Course Overview

Basic principles of fitness instructing

Through your journey, you will  gain knowledge and experience within the following key areas; 

Fitness Psychology 

Muscle groups, components, and activation

Overtraining, rest, and recovery

Organization and utilization of equipment

Gym environment up-keep

Effective sets awareness 

Exercises and target areas

Components of a healthy balanced diet

Different body type assessment techniques

Analysis of assessment results

General health and safety practices

And much more! Get in touch for more info. 

Class delivery in small groups & with all Covid-19 safety measures in place. 12 weeks program - all information will be provided. Get in touch to find out more


GET IN TOUCH  /  Tel. +356 77040747

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