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Your Postpartum Training

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Get back into a fitness routine
after your baby.

Are you a new mum ready to get back to training after your postpartum recovery? Let start off by saying that it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. Your body went through a lot during those nine months of creating, carrying, and delivering your baby. 

If you have been cleared off by your doctor that you can start your training journey, here at Mariano Club, we are ready for you! We realise that not every pregnancy is the same and every mother’s routine is different. Our mission is to meet you wherever you are. Our postpartum program is even available in the comfort of your own living room. 

Our program focuses on restoring muscle strength, giving particular attention to pelvic floor exercises and core muscle strengthening workouts. Your baby is your everything, but it is now time to shift that focus slightly on to you and focus on YOUR health and fitness. Besides, working out will give you the much-needed energy for those late night/early morning feedings!    

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  • Personal Consultation

  • Body Analysis

  • Oriented nutritional guideline

  • Tailormade workouts

  • Monitoring

  • Duration 12 weeks


Chantanne Mckay's Journey

Hear what Chantanne has to say about her journey. How she felt before and after her time with Mariano Club. 

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