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Elevate Your Performance 

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New Project (47).jpg

A targeted approach to your sports performance training

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Here at Mariano Club, we understand that sports performance training is different from any other fitness training. Your ultimate goal is to specifically improve athletic performance. Although strength and energy are two qualities that we will heavily focus on during your program, sports performance involves strengthening your body, as well as your mind. 

Whether you’re training for a marathon, focusing on endurance to improve your cycling potential, work on your coordination to prolong your martial arts career, getting back your explosiveness and power to impress on the football or rugby field – or simply, working on your agility and flexibility to get back to your favourite sport. 

We’re here for you, every step of the way, with a customised and targeted approach to both your training and your nutrition. We will help you reach your full potential.


  • Free Consultation

  • Body Metric Evaluation Test

  • Holistically combined tailor-made meal plan and customised training plan

  • Custom Smartphone Applications

  • Web-Access to a personal portal

  • Gym Membership

  • Monthly monitoring and assessments

  • Supervision

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