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Last weekend I was invited to a good friend of mine who’s been in the Fitness industry for decades and he was visiting Malta on holiday. This person is considered to be an international master trainer and is the mind behind some very strong brands. We were talking about the Fitness industry revolution and at one point he said something that really hit me hard. He told me: “The problem is that people do not acknowledge the suffering and instead try to be positive.“ Immediately I could understand how profound it was, what he had been saying. Being honest with the pain you feel is usually the PRIME MOVER for people to do the work that is necessary to push them to the edge. In the area of fitness everybody works hard. Some people work smarter but everybody works hard. That was point number one.

Then he said something that I have personally been noticing myself that is giving a whole new revolution to Fitness, a real sustainable approach. He stated, that Fitness is not just the physical capacity, it’s about the emotional & mental capacity. "Long gone are the days where it’s just physical capacity!” To me, this confirms what I have been noticing these past 10 years. Somehow I felt more confident about my instincts and gut feeling as there was someone whom I could relate my thoughts with. Fitness is not the cosmetic image that a lot of platforms portray.

This is why my team and myself are restructuring our approach and now what we do is, spending time working to understand the strengths of people, we want to understand where they want to go and how they are going to keep moving towards the right track.



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