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Do you really understand yourself? READ THAT AGAIN

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

These past few years I have been noticing patterns and experiences which can be materialized with intent or without intent, that affect our behaviour, and hence our thoughts, “our mind”.

I was always fascinated by how our mind works and the difference it can create in the quality of someone's life. This happens when one consciously manages to overcome a breakthrough “most of these cases being a limiting belief”

We have been studying these patterns that can change YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS.

Many of these patterns which I am starting to call Programs, create a state of super learning and a very high level of focus.

Here is the thing. Our mind is split into two parts. The subconscious mind is the original brain and it can process millions of data from the environment every second. The mind is very powerful and yet very fast. BUT it’s totally habitual. It is not creative. It can only play back what it learns.

In evolution the front part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex gives rise to consciousness. It is a small piece of the brain. That is consciousness.

Self or consciousness is an add on option. Most people don’t EXERCISE this option. But note that this can process very few bits of data per second. The subconscious mind is fast but this conscious mind is slow at processing.

That’s why when you are in an emergency or stress, you operate from this one because it can handle lots of data.

The difference between the two is this. The subconscious is habitual. It is the conscious mind that is creative and can generate free will. The conscious mind can control anything in your entire body. As an example, Yogis regulate their heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature with the conscious mind.

So while the conscious mind can handle a few things, the subconscious mind can handle many many things.

Now I would ask you: How are you operating at the moment? Are you living subconsciously or consciously? Or consciously unconscious? READ THAT AGAIN, it will hit you in a minute.

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