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Dorianne's and Jason's Approach

“Like many other people we have been isolated at home since 11th March due to COVID-19. Therefore we had to adjust our daily habits and also started working from home. As soon as we got news that the gym was also closing doors we also had to find a way how to adjust our workout routines. Staying fit is not just about feeling better physically but also improves one’s self confidence and mental strength.

For us the following points were crucial to adapt to the new workout routine:-

  1. Set-up a place in your apartment/house as your “gym”

  2. Fix a time during the day for your workout

  3. Home training workout app

  4. Motivate one another

  5. Maintaining a healthy diet

  1. Setting up the “home gym”

Having a specific place where you go and train helps to disconnect from whatever you had been doing during the day. When the time for the workout comes, moving away from your working spot helps to disconnect and concentrate on another task - pushing hard during the workout.

  1. Fix the time for the workout

We made it a point that at 6:30pm we would stop whatever we were working on and hit the “home gym” (even if this may only mean opening your mat) . By doing so we have a specific target that both of us respect religiously.

  1. Home workouts – MF App

Perhaps the hardest thing is to know how to adapt the usual gym workouts to workouts that do not require any special equipment while being still effective for our personal goals. Although there is many online material available, you still can get lost with so much information and by the end give up completely. As soon as MF Team contacted us to inform us about providing a personalised home workouts on MF Club App, this was a godsend. Having a workout routine to follow is already a big motivator to keep active. It is easy to follow and helps you train different parts of your body rather than sticking to the same exercises you feel “comfortable” doing. For myself (Jason) I like to add more weight during some exercises to push my limits. So far it’s been great and we have never missed one workout day! Good job MF Team!

  1. Motivate one another

In times like these where we had to adjust to a new lifestyle it was not always easy to find the motivation to keep on training. Luckily, being a couple we mad the best of it by motivating each other… well here I have to say it’s more me who motivates her 😊 to get off our home office chair and go to burn some calories with the home workout.

  1. Healthy eating

Having more time at home can have its advantages and disadvantages. A main advantage is that we have more time to cook more time consuming recipes. On the other hand, it is also easier to be tempted to over-snack. For the latter, we solved it by preparing healthy snacks (e.g banana and protein muffins) that we eat during the week. For lunch and dinner we made sure we only buy healthy and fresh ingredients to keep on a healthy diet. If you don’t have unhealthy food available in your cupboards then you have no option to eat unhealthy right ?” - Jason Demicoli & Dorianne Grech

We could not be prouder seeing our clients cultivate such mentality, approach and attitude. Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle during such challenging period is fundamental for our wellbeing. We do understand that it is not the easiest task around, especially during this limiting period, however, let’s do our best to never fall off the band wagon due to the ups and downs of life. There will always be a ‘valid reason’ why our wellbeing may be pushed aside, though instead, focus on the valid reasons why our wellbeing cannot be pushed aside again. There is no better time to focus on ourselves more than NOW.

Don’t forget to OBSERVE: Your mindset, attitude, subconscious choices and what’s in front of you. For example: If you are following your custom nutrition & workout plan; How do you feel and what do you think of when you focus on your daily plans, what are you doing that is not in line with your goals, are you checking out the surrounding information provided on our Apps? (which muscles are you using for each workout, following the written and also animated instructions to perform the workouts to avoid injuries and make most of each workout, how many calories do you personally require and how many are you actually consuming, how are you balancing your macros intake, what does your favourite desert consist of caloric and macros wise, if you are drinking enough water, etc…) By doing so you will keep on learning and thus make healthy decisions. When you gather such knowledge, you will find yourself thinking; I should squat deeper, I should not curve my back, let’s substitute cream with greek yoghurt, let’s bake/grill instead of fry. Such daily changes are what make the constant long term improvement possible.

Physically or online, we are always here to help you strategise, reflect and understand, focus and track, both your workouts and nutrition, consistently aiming towards self improvement, achieving goals, feeling energetic, positive, and above all healthy. All you have to do is take action.

Let’s keep focused, healthy and safe, respecting ourselves and one another.


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1 Comment

Apr 17, 2020

So proud of you bro and Dor. Being a good example teaches others to be good. Keep it up! It's Fun to be Fit. ;)

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