I’ve been contemplating starting my own blog and decided now is as good a time as any to share with you all some of the events which took place recently. This weekend two clients of mine; Maria Ellul and Neil Scerri competed in the International Modelling competition in London. They were chosen to represent Malta after both of them placed 1st in a local competition.

Neil made history by winning 1st place while Maria placed 4th in a tough line up of 35 competitors from around the world. In the meantime I am prepping 3 other clients of mine; Xon Zammit and Keith Zammit, “The Twins” who are both competing in the IFBB in 22 days. Anthea will also be competing but in the Bikini Category.

This will be their first experience on the IFBB stage. Outside the competition scene I am also working with some very motivated clients who are currently following my fat loss packages and who are undergoing some amazing transformations!

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