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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle during present times.

Today we are sharing one of our client’s journey, Jonathan Farrugia.

“I have been a member of MF Club since January 2017; starting off determined to lose as much weight as possible in the least possible time – and I did. Within the first three months, in a healthy manner, I lost 13kgs. For the next three years I was oscillating between being truly committed to maintain the healthy lifestyle I was adapting to and going to the gym just to ‘use up my membership’. I started taking things relatively seriously again in mid-January. Things were going fine, till in the first week of March I managed to jog for 30 minutes non-stop on the treadmill, something I had never managed to challenge myself to do. The day I achieved this turned out to be the last day I went to the gym before COVID-19 hit Malta and all gyms had to close down indefinitely.

For a couple of weeks, even though I was very careful when it came to food, I did not do much when it came to exercise, feeling demotivated because of the situation. Being stuck at home day in day out, working from my desk and giving online lectures does tend to cause discouragement! Then, thanks to the encouragement from the members of the team, I started to perceive this time as an opportunity – not to get in touch with others, but to get in touch with myself. I started doing some simple workouts that did not require any equipment. Determination and stamina started to build up, and before long I felt I had to give more to my health and, remembering what I had achieved on my last visit to the gym, decided to have a go at jogging again.

My first route was some 2.5km, stopping midway for breath and to regain some energy. Soon, however, I started experimenting with new routes, adding a little bit every week. After a month of jogging everyday now I am hitting 5.5k in slightly over 30mins without stopping, going from Imqabba to Qrendi to Zurrieq, border with Safi and Kirkop, and back to Imqabba. My next step is to cross through Zurrieq, Safi and Kirkop rather than running along the their peripheral roads.

Apart from the satisfaction of challenging myself beyond what I considered to be my limits, jogging instils in me desire to do more, and apart from adding more to the routes it also encourages me to do my workout exercises with greater dedication. On days when I have no workouts on the app, I still tend to do 100 of those once-hated crunches right after the jog.

Losing weight and looking better is good, but feeling stronger and satisfied with oneself is much more important. Thanks to everyone, especially James and Mariano, for their encouragement to take the step and turn this difficult time into an opportunity to become a better version of me on various levels.”

We are sure that many can relate to Jonathan. His journey has been a constant evolution, from fat loss to maintenance to setting new challenges, feeling demotivated to reconsidering his mindset and feeling stronger day by day. It’s ok to feel demotivated, overwhelmed, stuck and so on… what’s not ok is to stay there. Acknowledge what’s holding you back, reach for professional help, exploit opportunities, keep focused and get your things done. A better version of you is awaiting. Feeling healthy, fit, confident and energetic, amongst much more benefits, is truly life changing. NOW is always the right time to work on yourself.


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