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It’s not the first time I’ve heard people complaining that no matter what they eat and how much time they spend working out, their weight never seems to decrease as much as desired. These same complaints are often followed by references to people who seem to be blessed with some sort of super power, and despite making less of an effort, their body stays in top form. So, what is this super power, you ask? It’s nothing but metabolism and luckily for all us, this can be boosted. In this blog post I will give you guidance on how this can be done.

First let’s start with some facts:

Metabolism means the number of calories which your body can burn while you’re not doing physical activities. The calories are burnt through natural functions which our bodies undertake i.e. circulating blood, pumping oxygen 70% of the calories the body burns everyday are up to metabolism

Aspects which are beyond our control:

The older you get, the more your metabolism slows down.Your body shape also affects how fast your metabolism is.Genetics also play an important part in this game.

Now that the truths about what we cannot control are out, it’s high time we look on the positive side of things and check out what we can actually take control of.

When it comes to metabolism, one thing which is directly connected is one’s muscle mass. This can be altered and improved by paying very careful attention to your diet and exercise routine. It’s important to bear in mind that skeletal muscle requires a lot of energy to be maintained, and your body uses calories to do so. The suggestions which I’m about to share with you cover the 2 most essential aspects of weight loss and muscle building; Nutrition and Training


Increase your Protein Intake – If your aim is to boost metabolism you should be eating protein more often. This helps you to increase your muscle growth and repair, hence speeding your metabolism. Ideally you would avoid taking all the protein at one go and instead dividing it equally throughout different meals.

Don’t Diet All Year Round – Various cases of people who diet all year round have shown that constantly following a strict diet forces your body to start preserving energy. In turn, your body will start burning less calories. I recommend spending as many weeks off your diet as the amount of weeks you spend on a diet.


Go for High-Intensity Exercise – Interval or circuit training increase the amount of oxygen you consume. Your metabolism is affected by this because your body keeps burning calories for up to 48 hours after your workout is over.

Hit the Gym – By following a well-planned structure of weight training, you can also continue boosting your metabolism. Such exercises cause muscle damage which is directly related to muscle growth. After an energy-consuming session of resistance training, it is known that the rate at which your metabolism works can go up to 9% for as much as 15 hours.

As everything else in life, boosting your metabolism requires attention and dedication but with the right tools you can most certainly see a shift in how your body looks. If you require further guidance do not hesitate to contact me.. Otherwise, if you prefer to improve the way your body looks from the comfort of your own home, you can take one of the online packages which I offer:



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