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Modern times - Don't Divert

What I notice is that the greatest fear that we have nowadays, centers on: “What do other people think of us?” Our job is not only to love others but to not give a shit about what they think of us. We can take one emotion at a time. That’s how our brain works. Our job is to really find the right state that we want to be in, the right emotional place and use that rather than letting the brain win. “If that brain is not oriented and conditioned it will win...” Dr. Michael Gervais.

If you are worried about the notion that what people think you are concentrating on is at the wrong end of the scale, take note of this: We are all important and more than anyone thinks we are. You see, during the past 14 years of my experience dealing with thousands of people I noticed that every human being on earth is the most important human being on earth as far as he or she is concerned. You might never get anyone to admit it, but that is a fact. Treat every person with whom you come in contact with as the most important person on earth. This will help you to form a world which will help you to have delightful results by living your life on your own terms. This is how human beings ought to treat each other.



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