Despite what many would have you believe, today whilst I was reviewing the results of a client of mine I noticed that she did not improve in her physical fitness. I questioned my client to see what’s going on as I was sure that she is one of my most dedicated clients and this was very unusual in fact it’s the first time that happened in 9 months.

Her answer:

“I followed the nutrition except for carbs, as whilst I was surfing on the internet on various occasions I read about carbs making you fat”

So we have to make this clear.

Carbs alone aren’t what will make you fat.

The process of converting carbs to fat is called De Novo Lipogenesis.

Glucose gets turned into lipids, which then get stored as body fat.

Converting carbs to fat typically doesn’t happen to a large extent.

Here’s why.

Your body stores carbs you eat as glycogen, BEFORE attempting to store it as body fat.The metabolism also increases with increased carbs, in an attempt to burn these excess calories.

An average person has the ability to store roughly 500 grams (2,000 calories) worth of carbs in their skeletal muscles and liver.

When you exercise, it tends to empty out a portion of the glycogen stored in your muscles and liver.

Carbs you eat throughout the day will get used for fuel.

After that…

…any excess carbs will begin to replenish glycogen in the muscles.

Only AFTER all of this will carbs get turned into fat. So do not rush in your nutrition approach as soon as you hear a statement. One need to understand details prior to taking decisions like in all aspects of life!

†Results vary depending on the starting point, goals, and effort. exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. The testimonials featured may have extended the program to achieve their maximum results.

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