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Overcoming Gym Shyness

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Intimidated by the gym because of all of the strange equipment, rules and looks? Don't be! Everybody has been in this same spot at one point. The people that go to the gym every day had to start from somewhere, just like you!

In this (video) I spoke about the 3 very basic tips in relation to working out at a gym. Hereunder you may find more tips that will help you overcome ‘gym shyness’:

Choose an appropriate gym - Most people picture a gym as a place with a bunch of weight sets and gym rats, but there are also those which are far from that. We, as a team, work hard on this, to cultivate our philosophy and atmosphere as it is extremely important for our client for the best results and state of mind. Wherever we offer our services, providing gym service is not all about the weights and equipment for us as I personally remember clearly to this day how much I hated walking into such gyms.

Avoid peak hours when possible - Try going at odd times when nobody else is there.

These hours vary from gym to gym, so just ask. The attendant will just assume that you are trying to get a better workout and will tell you when the slowest times are.

Don’t compare - This is much easier said than done, but is also very important. If you want to feel good about your body by comparing yourself to others, go to McDonalds. While at the gym, simply stay focused on your own personal improvement and goals. It is really easy to find yourself comparing your body to someone else's. Back to when I started my fitness journey 14 years ago I would often look at the huge guys at the gym and think that my gains are nothing compared to theirs. I realised that their level is

irrelevant to my own personal development, and thinking about it would only slow me down. Remember not to be intimidated by the members who look like they are far beyond your wildest dreams; at one point, they were in the same place as you, a beginner to the gym! Personally, every time I see beginners just starting out in the gym, I am truly glad for them. I know that I was once in their shoes and if they keep at it, they will be very satisfied with the results.

Know what to do - Avoid walking in a gym without a workout plan! This would only make you feel lost. Seek professional help. Knowing what you shall be doing and having someone showing you how to safely perform the workouts makes life 1000 times easier. I don't mean that you should hire a personal trainer, if you don’t particularly want that, but have a workout plan worked out for YOU. This way, your workouts are oriented to your specific goals and personal needs/requirements.

Let the instructors know you’re new - When you step in, let the instructor know that it’s your first time. They’ll help you set up any equipment that’s needed, give you the low-down on what to expect, and keep an eye on your technique during your session. And you know what? If you make a wrong move it doesn’t matter! Laugh it off, we’ve all been there.

Bring a friend - Safety in numbers! If you’re feeling really nervous, join the gym with a friend. You’ll be having so much fun orientating yourself around the gym floor and working out, you won’t even notice what anyone else is doing. If you don’t have interested friends, don’t worry, you may just meet your new gym buddy!

Always keep in mind that you have to start somewhere. Nobody was born a master of the gym. Follow these tips to make the transition easy on yourself. Once you get into the gym a few times, you will feel a lot more comfortable going on a regular basis.

Starting is the hardest part, like every lifestyle change. It is a lot easier to keep it going once you get started. Once you are locked into a good routine, you will feel uncomfortable not going!

Keep moving forward



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