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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Excuses are Self-abuse whilst Self-discipline is Self-Love.

It took us a while to get ourselves into this positive attitude, this attitude that we

created which in turn is now giving us hope to be the person we would love to see

in the mirror. We cannot wake up and say ‘It is ok if I do not eat right and abstain

from training today, because I can do it tomorrow’. This is purely an excuse, a form

of self-abuse, and will not get us nearer to our goal. All the reasons pounding in

your head why you should not try to conquer your day the best way possible is a

self-inflicting attitude. We need to be honest and remember how many times we put

ourselves down for not having the physique and the mental strength which we

always wanted to have. You now have the chance to change it, so do not waste

your time.

Discipline yourself and say ‘Yes, I will!’ because you really want it. Engage that

warrior inside of you that never backs down from a good fight with your inner

enemies. Laziness never made anyone successful, so be up for any challenge,

even if it is something that you have never done before, because new experiences

only come from new challenges and you are not really living if you do not fight the

fight of failure.

Self-discipline is self-love and we can never give enough of that love to ourselves.

Many of us forget to do it and because of that it affects also everyone that is

surrounding us.

So throw away your excuses, discipline yourself and lets make it happen right now

because you truly deserve it. Respect and love yourself!



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