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Your main reason.

We have to refix our mind by accepting that to look good is not the main reason of doing exercises. And I will tell you why, because if you had a different thinking on this, you will keep yourself active all year round. The way you approach at things, will reflect on you.

The key is to start with finding inspiration in yourself. Who you are, how far you’ve come, and how much further you want to go. Next is motivation, what will be the daily benefits you will gain, remind yourself how being energetic, healthy, confident and fit (to name a few) is important in our daily life. Although it could be easy to start doing a workout, motivation is what keeps you going when things start to get hard. These two together and a professional strategy, will lead you to another important key, consistency. In two weeks from starting you will feel it, and continuing with your workouts you will feel better than ever before. In four weeks, you will see it. In eight weeks you will feel the drastic change in yourself. The results themselves, then, create an inspiration and motivation chain and will keep you going to continue improving yourself.

What if, you stopped due to this current circumstance, and it will be the total opposite? In two weeks, you will feel more tired and unfocused, unconsciously you will end up eating more than your normal calorie intake, (especially now that fridge or kitchen cupboards are in front of you or just a few metres away). In four weeks time, you will feel more heavy and you will find it more difficult, even with just the idea of doing some little exercises. In eight weeks time, mind and body are not aligned, and frustration will start intruding itself.

The more you leave time to pass, the more difficult it is to maintain or to catch up with your workout routine. Please do not find any excuses, such as 'time', especially at this moment in time!

After all, this is all for your own good. At this current crucial moment, frustration and breakdown can easily come much before due to not doing your daily routine and staying indoors for long period of time.

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore, or else you’ll never end up doing it. Actually, it is scientifically proven that exercise is a stress relief, together with other important benefits. Not only does exercise extend your lifespan, it helps to prevent you from developing many diseases and conditions, reduces depression while improving your mood, and boosts your metabolism. Being active

regularly will help also in reaching your fitness goals, be it; fat loss, toning or building muscle.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be especially hard during this time. But it's very important to stay fit year-round, not just when summer is approaching. Being fit IMPROVES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, which, especially in the current pandemic virus situation, is fundamental. A successful fitness lifestyle comes with discipline and conscious decisions.While your fitness routine should be tailored to your own goals and your body’s needs, the key is to stay with what works for your goals in order to keep you dedicated and consistent. Sometimes it’s simply needed to stay sane. You may have heard the phrase: “eat good, feel good,” and it couldn’t be more true. Choose wisely while checking for a snack, is this going to keep me full for several hours? Is it a good idea to enjoy four bites of glory and its' nutritional value is as much as of a whole meal? All these sugars, do I really need it?

It’s way too easy to form an unhealthy relationship with food, whether eating too much or eating too little. On the other hand, having a healthy mind is more important than having your “goal body”- so don’t sacrifice it for that. Balance is very important, seek professional advice.

Change doesn't happen overnight, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Progress takes time, but the long term results and new healthy habits created are worth the effort.

A successful fitness journey is not only about reaching your fitness goals, such as; losing fat, but keeping it off permanently. There is no one 'best way’ as we are all different, but gradual fat loss is more likely to be permanent. Remember: reflect on your inspiration and motivation, change your approach, have a strategy, substitute daily bad habits with good ones, and make conscious choices for your own long term wellbeing.


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