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Developing a disciplined mind.

The wrecking havoc on our plans and aspirations is usually the result of our undisciplined minds.

We may easily see the shortcomings of the beliefs and the behaviors of others, but we often remain ignorant of our own limitations, which can be equal to worse.

For effective progress (mental, emotional, and physical fitness), and to conquer all the battles that may show up in our life, we must first open our minds, examine our thoughts and face our truths.

Taking responsibility

As humans, we are designed for growth. The habit of finding anyone or anything to blame for our misfortunes cannot logically help us grow. Placing blame on anything besides ourselves will only ensure that we are self-blinded from all the beautiful ways in which we can become a better person. Accepting that we are wrong in a certain way of thinking or acting can be the difference between being a frustrated person or being an accomplished person.

Choosing our focus

The present moment is the only thing truly yours to experience and it is wise to do so efficiently. Let’s stop wasting time and energy in overthinking. Whatever we focus on, grows. How easy it is to fall into the trap of only paying attention to negative aspects? Catch yourself whenever you are complaining. About anything! Choose your focus. It is always a choice.

If we’re going to spend our energy and present moment in thoughts about our failures, let’s do so in a way that will help us modify our behavior so as not to repeat our failures in the future. Think of your failures only to help you grow as an individual. Once we awaken and enhance the capacity to consciously choose what to focus on, we can examine the quality of the content in our minds. Choose to focus on the positive aspects. Ask yourself, what am I grateful for? What good have I done today for myself and others? How can I improve?

Remember we always have the option to also seek professional help.

Delaying our reaction

Impulsive reactions can undoubtedly bring us into undesirable situations. Taking some time to evaluate the appropriate reaction to a certain situation will reduce the chance of engaging in a damaging interaction with our goals, plans, and aspirations.

Being alive

When we are not being productive we are either resting or still. So are the dead! It is not uncommon to experience detrimental effects on both mental and physical health because of a lack of activity. Life is active, creative, and inspiring. Be alive! Get up, move, run, create, do, make the most of your time on Earth and take care of the vehicle through which you experience life.

A self-disciplined person remains sure about what he or she is doing. That person will know his target to achieve and the consequences that may happen otherwise. On the other hand, a person with an undisciplined mind is just like a ship without a radar, moving around aimlessly. You are in control of who you are.

I will leave you with this quote from Dalai Lama - A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.


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