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Find your happiness.

So here you really have to decide the most important decision. This is, do I really want to be happy? Because sometimes we human beings don't even know if in reality we want to or not. Strange isn't it. We need to ask ourselves, “Will I commit to being happy?”.

“Am I committed to live in a beautiful state even when it doesn't go my way? Even when my biggest fear shows up." You see, what strikes me most is that there are people who lost their arms, lost their sight, there have been people that have been through the most horrific experiences in life and they found a way to still be happy. This is possible because they have made the decision that life is too short to suffer. I have met individuals that have impacted my soul and that made me realise that I can't change everything, I just have to get used to it.

I bought into the theory that this survival software (our brain) that is constantly making you suffer. That's normal. That is what the mind will do. What I am going to do is something different and the way I get out of suffering is that I gave myself a two-second rule. I say if I feel that I am getting stressed, feeling pissed off, or upset, or worried or concerned, I realise that it is not going to make it better. Life is too short to suffer and then I just kind of breath slowly, slow everything down and watch that thought go by. It's the thoughts that are stressful that you believe that mess you up.

When you question them, you break the pattern and the more I have trained myself to do this, the better I became to welcome happiness.

Attitude for stressful moments:

1. Go see it for what really is…

2. What can you really do about it?

3. Find something to appreciate.

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