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Tips to make healthy eating easy and practical - fundamental for consistency.

Let’s dig straight away into the best tips we have collected for you;

  • Make a list of your preferred healthy staple foods, such as; wholegrain rice, quinoa, fresh fruit and vegetable, lean meats, legumes, nuts, fish, cheeses and eggs.

  • Follow a personalised meal plan: This helps you create a healthy caloric deficit based on your goal, fulfil your macros needs and also avoids any second doubts on what meals you shall prepare.

  • Schedule time for meal prep: This is a very important task, an hour of work for yourself will make huge difference on what you consume. Your good intentions cannot be successful without scheduling time for your meal prepping. Treat meal prep as a very important appointment.

  • Bulk meal prep: Prepping meals beforehand makes it easier to stick to your plan, thus your goals.

  • Convenient options: Do not over complicate things, this tends to make the transition overwhelming. Instead opt for simple and convenient options. The more practical your options are the bigger the probability that you will manage to stick to this lifestyle change long term.

  • Balance: Successful transformations happen with a good plan and consistency, not with an extreme approach. Any food that you love should never be completely excluded. Learning how to find your balance is the key to long term success.

  • Surround yourself with like minded people - this helps you in many ways; realising that you are not alone in this, giving you constant inspiration, discussing and sharing experiences, creating connections and relationships, avoiding distractions and temptations, attending events oriented towards a common goal and much more.

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