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Updated: Apr 20

One of the biggest challenges that many have in dealing with any kind of addiction or any kind of behavior they have been trying to change for some time and not really been successful, is that they often get caught up in something that we call learned helplessness.

Learned helplessness is when you get to the point where you think a problem is permanent. This is when you try to tell yourself that you need to change, that you want to change, but in your gut, you don’t really believe that you can. This is also when you think a problem is pervasive, for example, because you have not held your body your whole life and think it’s out of your control.

Most people are really successful in many areas of their life, either in their influence on their children, or in their work, but they have one area they haven’t mastered and usually has to do with their body or maybe smoking amongst others. I am here to tell you that those changes can occur, but you have to make three simple changes first.

Number one: You are going to have to raise your standards otherwise the change would be temporary. What do I mean when I say raise your standards? I mean, develop a new sense of what you must have in your life, what you are willing to settle for… Do you want to improve physically, emotionally, mentally? It doesn’t happen just by saying well I want to change, you have to identify yourself in your mind as a different kind of person, different from the way you behaved in the past.

Number two: You are going to change some of your belief systems. This is because if you set higher standards for yourself, say this is what my body is going to look like realistically speaking, this is how I am going to live, this is how I am going to eat, this is the kind of energy I am going to have, but inside your head, you really don’t believe it can happen it’s already over. You won’t achieve what you want. If you don’t have the sense of certainty, you and I both know the first time you get tempted, the first time you run into a challenge, you will give up. You can’t set higher standards and not believe you can do it.

Thirdly: If you get the standards and you have got the beliefs then you need to get the right strategy. You can’t just want to change, you got to know how to get it implemented properly. Let’s say you are in an airplane and all of a sudden the pilots pass out, you want to fly that plane right now but you just know that wanting to do so is not enough and you are still going to crash.

Seeking for step by step guidance with proven and effective strategies is a time saver. This has worked for thousands of people, creating that lasting transformation we have been talking about. Just start to raise your standards today.


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