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The Best Fat Loss Exercise.

I am obsessed with wanting to find answers to what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives. What works and what won’t. What lasts and what won’t. Most of all, I have always been fascinated to see people that have worked and experienced lasting transitions in their lives.

In the past 14 years, it became very clear that fat accumulation is not the problem. It’s the symptom of the underlying problem/s. First things firsts, sounds silly but it’s the truth - if you want to change your life you need to change your physiology and mindset.

Ultimately, if you want to have lasting change in anything, you are really talking about just raising your standards.

I mean, I always tell people if you want to know how to change your life I can give it to you in three words. As boring as it sounds “Raise your standards”. I imagine you saying sarcastically, "thank you for this, Mariano!" - but, think about this. Lasting change is different than a goal. You don’t always get to your goals but you always get your standards. Let me explain it to you this way. Everybody in life gets the must be done, not the should be done. Think about it, what is your “should” list, and what is your “must” list.

The should list is kind of exciting if it gets accomplished, and if it doesn’t happen that’s not a big deal. When you label something as a must, you cut up any possible interruption and you find the way. That's because you decided it is a must to make the way. Think about your own life. Have you had some area of your life where you raised your standards and your life has never been the same again? Maybe at a time in your life that you used to smoke or being in a toxic relationship or anything that was having a negative impact for years and years. You know how it goes, you keep trying to change it and then one day something just clicks over. This is when something takes you over that kind of tipping point, and inside yourself, you said no more!

That was a very different experience, wasn’t it? Something inside you shifted and what was a 'should' became a 'must' and you never went back.

Is there an area in your life that you can think of? If so, you can notice that nowadays it doesn’t take you any willpower anymore. Because when we make this click, and we make something a must, we attach ourselves to it and it becomes part of our identity.

To start with, we need to ask ourselves, on what list is the urgency to lose fat and get lasting results? Is it on our should list or on our must list? As stated before, fat is not the problem - it’s the result of other issues.

Identify what are the real issues first and then start to rebuild and structure your must list. Your wellbeing deserves to be on the must list. Comment below your major underlying issue and we'll get into how to overcome it in our upcoming blogs.


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